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We believe that great business is about more than just number crunching. We love working with our customers and being part of the exciting journey of growing a business. Its fun, but it can also be tough. Human Intelligence blends with Artificial Intelligence to give you Ignition!

Business Insight Corporation is a name that has gained repute for assisting the business owners in boosting their businesses by inculcating innovative methods. Owing to our business intelligence, performance management, and deep neural networks, we have been able to gain a large clientele today. We offer cloud-based deep learning services to the business owners for helping them in steadily growing on the internet.

Deep Neural Networks

We gather your data from various sources and apply modern data science to give your sales team a better edge on their competition. Churn Analysis get a new boost through Artificial Neural Networks and Sales forecasts with Recurrent Neural Networks. Our recommendation systems are based on Boltzmann Machines and Auto-Encoders. We simplify the complex to just give you value. We have ready made solutions for your needs.

Bussiness Intelligence

We deliver vital business intelligence for executives and middle managers the world over, in order you to provide better customer care, offering enterprise, big data and mobile analytics. We uncover novel and forward-looking perspectives with our consultants data-native mindsets which are key to driving disruption and business transformation. Our team has worked around the world building modern BI solutions in Financial Sector and the Retail.

Performance Management

We combine the best of Deep Neural Networks with Business Intelligene to provide you a robust mechanism not only to measure your past, but to identify truly unique ways to improve Performance.

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Qlik Technologies offers a real self-service Business Intelligence for innovative decisions. The associative network of Qlik provides answers from the moment you have a question. When you search on a certain term, QlikView and Qlik Sense gives you immediate results while typing. The interactive interface shows important relationships between your data, which enables an indirect search in all data lists on every dashboard.


Sisense’s novel In-Chip engine allows you to ask any question and get answers immediately without needing to go back to the drawing board for new queries. You can deploy the tool instantly and the software’s Single-Stack architecture allows you to manage all tasks from data integration to visualization with this single BI solution.


Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device. Now you can type natural-language questions about your data on a dashboard; and handle files that are too large for Excel.

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